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Deployment of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in Emergency and Disaster Response Scenarios to Support Integration of Geospatial Technologies into Local Emergency Management:  A Use Case Study with GeoHuntsville in Huntsville, Alabama (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Disaster Event-Based Data Collection and ARCGIS Online Services (ESRI User Conference 2017)
Drowning in Data: Going Beyond Traditional Data Archival to Educate Data Users (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Deep Learning for Multisensor Image Resolution Enhancement (11th Annual Science & Technology Jamboree 2017)
Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) on the International Space Station (ISS) Activation, Assessment, and Operation in the First Six Months (ISS R&D Conference 2017)
Lightning Capital of the World - animated poster (ESIP Summer Meeting 2016)
Dizzy the Disdrometer (ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 - Research as Art)
Color by Number (ESIP Summer Meeting 2017 - Research as Art)
The Information Technology and Systems Center (UAH Week of Welcome 2017)
ECITE and beyond (EarthCube 2017)
Visualize, Discover, and Analyze: A Data Center’s Innovative Services for Addressing Observing System Challenges (AMS 2017)
Stimulating Remote Sensing Education through Knowledge Augmentation Services (AMS 2017)
Harmonizing Access to Federal Data: Lessons Learned Through the Climate Data Initiative (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Art-inspired Presentation of Earth Science Research (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) AMSR2 Data System (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Making connections: Where STEM learning and Earth science data services meet (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Evolving Frameworks for Different Communities of Scientists and End Users (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Virtual Collections: An Earth Science Data Curation Service (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Atmospheric Electricity