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Conference Proceedings
Ramachandran R, Movva S, Graves S. Coupling Ontology with Earth Science Markup Language for Scientific Dataset Description. Geological Society of America Meeting. 2003 .
Rushing J, Graves SJ, Criswell E. A Coverage Based Ensemble Algorithm (CBEA) for Streaming Data. 16th IEEE Intl. Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence. 2004 .
Graves SJ. Creating an Environment for Scientific Data Mining. The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) - Third Workshop on Mining Scientific Datasets. 2001 .
Movva S, Ramachandran R, Graves S, Conover H. Customizable Search Engine with Semantic and Resource Aggregation Capability. The Semantic Web meets the Deep Web Workshop, IEEE Joint Conference on E-Commerce Technology and Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce and E-Services. 2008 .
Journal Article
Tan A, Ramachandran R, Zhang TX. Cluster Analysis and the Planetary Status of Pluto. Mathematical Spectrum. 2006 ;39.
Ramachandran R, Kuo KS, Lynnes C. Collaborative Workbench to Accelerate Science Algorithm Development. IEEE Earthzine. 2014 .
Beck JM. Converting Soil Survey Maps into Digital Products Shaw JN. lights of Agricultural Research, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station. 2000 ;48(1).
Graves SJ, Johnson B, Bartel F. Critical BMD System and Sensor Concept Analysis Technical Assistance. EC Corporation, Final Report, Contract No. 5-31426, UAH-CAO-0001; 1986.