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Bland JA, Colvett CD, Petty MD, Baker KR. Simulating Cyberattacks with a Petri Net Discrete Event Simulator. 6th Annual Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence. 2019 .
O’Neil DA, Petty MD. Synthesizing Social Networks with Iterated Prisoners’ Dilemma. 16th International Conference on Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Methods. 2019 :3-10.
Garrison WT, Petty MD. A Technique to Enable Online Machine Learning Applications for Simulation Optimization. 2019 IEEE SoutheastCon. 2019 .
Cantrell WA, Showers PM, Petty MD. Verification of XML Encoded Petri Nets Modeling Cyberattacks. Proceedings of the 2019 AlaSim Conference and Exhibition. 2019 .