Four Guides for GCPEx Published

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GHRC published four guides for instruments participating in GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx): GPM Ground Validation Airborne Second Generation Precipitation Radar (APR-2) GCPEx,GPM Ground Validation Conical Scanning Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer (CoSMIR) GCPEx, GPM Ground Validation UND Citation Navigation Data GCPEX and GPM Ground Validation DC-8 Camera Nadir GCPEx. The APR-2 is a a dual-frequency (13 GHz and 35 GHz), Doppler, dual-polarization radar system measuring doppler velocity, precipitation rate, radar backscatter and reflectivity. As an airborne high-frequency simulator emulating the GPM Microwave Imager (GMI), CoSMIR measures brightness temperature and microwave radiance. GCPEX occurred in Ontario, Canada during January-February 2012. The UND Citation Navigation dataset documents the navigation data for the cloud microphysics instruments that it carried. The DC -8 Camera Nadir dataset contains geo-located visible-wavelength imagery of the ground obtained from the nadir camera aboard the NASA DC-8 for the clear-air flight day February 20, 2012; these images may be useful for determining snow cover and lake ice cover for emissivity studies in conjunction with CoSMIR data.