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VISAGE Framework for Interactive  Exploration of Diverse Precipitation Data (ESTF 2019)
The Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) (NWA 2019)
Near Real-time Distribution of ISS LIS Lightning Data (AGU Fall Meeting 2018)
Using GHRC’s Data Publication Workflow Portal to Improve Data Management, Metadata Quality, and Documentation (AGU Fall Meeting 2018)
Machine Learning for Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM)  Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar (DPR) Resolution Improvement (AGU Fall Meeting 2018)
Interactive 3D Visualization of Diverse Datasets (AGU Fall Meeting 2018)
Patterns in Snowfall: Finding the Unexpected in Nature (AGU Fall Meeting 2018)
Dizzy the Disdrometer: Illustrating Field Campaign Data using an ESRI Story Map (AGU Fall Meeting 2018)
Lightning Color-by-Number handout (2017 ESIP - Research as Art)
EarthCube's Evolving Science Workbench (EarthCube 2018)
Patterns in Snowfall: Finding the Unexpected in Nature (ESIP Summer Meeting 2018 - Research as Art)
Coloring as a Means to Lightning Data Exploration (AMS 2018)
Meeting the Needs of GHRC Data Users by Asking ‘Who is the Audience?’’ First (AMS 2018)
VISAGE: Visualization for Integrated Satellite, Airborne and Ground-based data Exploration (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Using GHRC's Data Publication Workflow Portal to Improve Data Discovery (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Supporting the Use of GPM-GV Field Campaign Data Beyond Project Scientists (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Drowning in Data: Going Beyond Traditional Data Archival to Educate Data Users (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Deployment of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) in Emergency and Disaster Response Scenarios to Support Integration of Geospatial Technologies into Local Emergency Management:  A Use Case Study with GeoHuntsville in Huntsville, Alabama (AGU Fall Meeting 2017)
Disaster Event-Based Data Collection and ARCGIS Online Services (ESRI User Conference 2017)
Deep Learning for Multisensor Image Resolution Enhancement (11th Annual Science & Technology Jamboree 2017)