GCPEx Dual Polarization Radiometer dataset released


GHRC has released the GPM Ground Validation Dual Polarization Radiometer GCPEx dataset. This dataset provides brightness temperature measurements at frequencies of 90 GHz (not polarized) and 150 GHz (HV-polarized) from the GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx) which occurred in Ontario, Canada, during January and February 2012. This Dual Polarization Radiometer (DPR) is sensitive to particle orientation since it observes the brightness temperature difference between the vertical and horizontal polarization channels at 150 GHz, and it is especially important for the retrievals of particle shape and orientation with polarization observations. DPR also has a high sensitivity to the supercooled liquid water in clouds due to the high-frequency window channels. Even though the netCDF data has regular scans, the browse is only shown at 30 and 150 degrees. Ancillary data is captured for the internal calibration of the instrument.