GCPEx guide for Snow Depth Surveys published


GHRC has published the guide for the GPM Ground Validation Environment Canada Snow Depth Surveys GCPEx dataset including dataset specific citation and DOI. The dataset was manually collected during the GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx) which occurred in Ontario, Canada, January 20, 2012 through February 27, 2012 across four sites (CARE, Steamshow, Huronia Airport, and Skydive-Jump). Snow depth, water equivalent and density transects were surveyed weekly at each of the GCPEx sites in order to provide baseline information on the distribution of snow on the ground. Pairs of bulk density and snow water equivalent measurements were made every 25 m along the same transect using an ESC-30 (30 cm2 cross sectional area) snow corer. Snow depth measurements were made every 50 cm along a 100 m transect using a GPS equipped snow depth probe.