GHRC represented at ESIP Federation Assembly - Winter 2014


GHRC was represented at the ESIP Federation Assembly in Washington, DC by Dr. Sara Graves, Helen Conover, Ken Keiser and Manil Maskey, all of the University of Alabama in Huntsville's Information Technology and Systems Center. GHRC is a collaboration between NASA MSFC and UAH ITSC. The group presented posters on GHRC's work with GPM Ground Validation field campaigns, as well as related research in cloud-enabled collaboration environments, innovations disaster planning and response, and data albums for aggregation and presentation of event information. Dr. Graves assisted in organizing sessions on real time data and disaster response. GHRC personnel participated in sessions on cloud computing, provenance, semantics, sustainability, project evaluation, and data science and analytics. Dr. Graves also participated in the Data Infrastructure Study Workshop organized by ESIP participants preceding the meeting.