ITSC Represented at AMSR Science Team Meeting

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Helen Conover and Sherry Harrison represented the GHRC at the AMSR Science Team meeting in Oxnard, CA, September 4-5. The AMSR Science Investigator-led Processing System (SIPS) is co-located with and managed by the GHRC. Ms Conover presented SIPS status and plans, including AMSR-E reprocessing, full resolution browse imagery for the ESDIS Global Imagery Browse Services (GIBS), and AMSR2 processing plans. Conover and Harrison also met with Toshi Takashima of JAXA and Karen Michael of the ESDIS Land Atmosphere Near-real-time Capability for EOSDIS (LANCE) project to discuss near-real-time acquisition by the SIPS of the JAXA AMSR2 L1R brightness temperatures for LANCE processing.