ITSC Represented at IGARSS Meeting in Australia

Melbourne, Austraila

Dr. Rahul Ramachandran represented ITSC at IGARSS in Melbourne, Australia 19-26 July. He presented "Provenance as a Guide to Understanding Science Data" in the invited session "Ensuring Credibility of Remote Sensing Data Products" convened by Drs. Hampapuram Ramapriyan and Curt Tilmes of NASA. Co-authors included Helen Conover, Michael Goodman and additional ITSC staff. Dr. Ramachandran’s other papers were "Visual Analytics Toolbox for Data-Intensive Analysis"; "Polaris: A Discovery Engine For Big Data" describing a tool prototyped at GHRC; and "Data Intensive Science In Action - A Demonstrative Use Case Using 20+ Years Of SSMI(S) Global Ocean Daily Composite Fields", the RSS DISCOVER MEaSUREs dataset archived at GHRC.