LANCE AMSR-E Near-Real-Time Incremental Daily Processing

The AMSR-E SIPS at the GHRC DAAC has implemented incremental daily processing for our AMSR-E near real-time Level 3 daily
(Ocean, Land, Snow, Sea Ice ) products. Partial products are created several times per day (currently every 3 hours) using
whatever L2 data is available at the time of creation, in order to reduce latency for these products. These partial files are
now available in our test areas at
and These partial products
(identified by "P") will be available in the same FTP directories as the complete real-time daily products
(identified by "R"). Each new partial product for a given day will have the same file name as the previously-generated one,
but will incorporate additional input files. A new partial product can be distinguished by creation time shown in the
directory listing. Once the full daily file is available the partial file for that day will be deleted.

More information about LANCE AMSR-E near real-time data is available at