New THREDDS Data Server Implemented

A new THREDDS data server, to supplement the OPeNDAP data server already in place, provides improved usability such as OGC-compliant web map services (WMS) to support interactive visualization requests, and a THREDDS catalog to help provide interoperability with other community tools and applications. Using THREDDS, WMS is able to produce an image for a specific time request into an aggregated dataset, i.e., treating a dataset as a single continuous entity without having to reference individual daily files. The new WMS capability for DISCOVER MEaSUREs SSMIS data is already being used in a UAH research project. The NSF-funded Northern Gulf Coastal Hazards Collaboratory is using the Event Driven Data Delivery (ED3) framework to support a visualization and situational awareness tool during storm events that affect the Northern Gulf Coast. The tool aggregates various datasets pertinent to the event using ED3. Datasets include real or near-real time observations, models and analyses of atmospheric conditions around the location of the event. Since SSMIS datasets provide information about various atmospheric conditions for the Gulf Coast, visualization of these datasets using Web Map Services will strengthen the capabilities of the tool.