Two GCPEX Datasets Publications completed

GHRC has completed publication of two GCPEX (Global precipitation mission Cold-season Precipitation EXperiment) datasets, GPM Ground Validation Autonomous Parsivel Unit (APU) GCPEx and GPM Ground Validation Pluvio Precipitation Gauge GCPEx.  The  GPM Ground Validation Autonomous Parsivel Unit (APU) GCPEx dataset collects data by an optical disdrometer based on single particle extinction that measures particle size and fall velocity. This APU consists of the Parsivel, which was developed by Ott Hydomet in Kempton, Germany, and its support systems, which were designed and built by the University of Alabama in Huntsville. The APU dataset for the GCPEX provides precipitation data including raindrop size and counts, precipitation drop size, rate and amount and snowflake size, counts and distribution. The GCPEx APU data was collected from several sites in Canada during the Winter 2011-2012 period.