Two GCPEX Guides Published

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GHRC published the GPM Ground Validation Pluvio Precipitation Gauge GCPEx  and GPM Ground Validation DC-8 Navigation and Housekeeping Data GCPEX guides from the GPM Cold-season Precipitation Experiment (GCPEx). The Pluvio rain gauge dataset collection contains both one minute measurement and a cumulative record of the accumulation and intensity for liquid, solid, and mixed precipitation. The DC-8 Navigation files are provided the National Suborbital Education and Research Center (NSERC) at the University of North Dakota (UND) has geo-located housekeeping data containing the altitude, pressure, air speed, wind speed and other attributes in the ICARTT format. The DC-8 Navigation dataset also contains navigation information retrieved from the Real-Time Mission Monitor (RTMM) collected and utilized in-flight during the mission in a comma delimited IWG1 format.