Data Albums: A synthesis engine to support case study and climatology analysis

TitleData Albums: A synthesis engine to support case study and climatology analysis
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMaskey, M, Ramachandran, R, Kulkarni, A, Conover, H, Goodman, M, Zavodsky, B, Braun, S, Wilson, B
Conference NameAGU
Date Published12/2013
Conference LocationSan Francisco, CA
Keywordsclimatology, Data Albums, Earth Science
AbstractCase study analysis and climatology studies are common approaches used in Atmospheric Science research. Research based on case studies involves a detailed description of specific weather events using data from different sources to characterize the physical processes responsible for a given event. Climatology­based research tends to focus on the representativeness of a given event by studying the characteristics and distribution of a large number of events. The current Earth Science data systems are not designed to assemble multi­instrument, multi mission datasets around specific events. In addition, such analyses typically require additional information from a variety of distributed resources such as storm and damage reports, images, and videos to provide complete contextual understanding. Consequently, it is both tedious and time consuming to manually gather relevant data and information from a wide variety of distributed resources for case studies and climatology analyses. This presentation will describe a synthesis engine currently being developed to create curated “Data Albums” to support case study analysis and climatology studies in an automated manner. This engine drives different software brokers that aggregate information from different resources. In addition, an ontology­based relevancy ranking service is integrated into the engine to filter the aggregated results. The aggregated results are synthesized into a structured form and presented to the users in an interactive infographic display. Example applications of this engine will be demonstrated during the presentation.