Disaster Event-Based Data Collections with ArcGIS Online Data Processing

TitleDisaster Event-Based Data Collections with ArcGIS Online Data Processing
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBeck, J
Secondary AuthorsKeiser, K
Tertiary AuthorsCalamio, C
Subsidiary AuthorsEbersole, S
ConferenceEsri Annual User's Conference
Date Published07/2017
KeywordsArcGIS Online Services, Disaster Events, GIS
AbstractWhen an event, such as a disaster occurs, relevant data is required immediately so response teams, decision-makers, and subject matter experts can quickly analyze the event.  Valuable time is often wasted as analysts search for data from various sources.  Today, data are not just limited to scientific data, but often include social media such as videos, images, and text messages.  In addition, data organization is required so that other analysts working on the same problem can easily find and use the discovered data.  To support better data preparedness for disasters and other events, researchers at the University of Alabama in Huntsville’s (UAH’s) Information and Technology Systems Center (ITSC), and the Geological Survey of Alabama, developed an Event-Driven Data Delivery (ED3) framework to support the execution of predefined data processes in response to events.  The loose coupling of ED3 with Event Handlers and executable Data Processes through a well-defined application programming interface (API) allows users to easily extend ED3.  An example is the development of a Rapid Event Album CollecTions (REACT) application that supports user-defined Subscriptions for data processes to be executed in response to event occurrences, with results packaged in Event Albums that are interoperable with end-use applications and tools.  The albums are living virtual collections for a particular event, where additional data and information contents can be added or modified.  Data processes are loosely coupled distributed services that only need to respond to a simple HTTP message structure which allows them to be “Event Driven”.  UAH/ITSC has recently wrapped ESRI ArcGIS Online Services with REACT as a data process to take advantage of the power of ESRI spatial analysis services and visualization tools in generating new products in response to ongoing event, and returning link to the resulting Event Album.  Our poster demonstrates the use of ArcGIS Online Services with the REACT application.