EarthCube Science-Driven Workbench Infrastructure

TitleEarthCube Science-Driven Workbench Infrastructure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLaw, E, Keiser, K
Conference NameEarthCube All Hands Meeting
Date Published06/2018
KeywordsEarthCube Workbench ECITE
AbstractThe realization of an EarthCube science workbench to support research use cases is primarily dependent on the interoperability of software tools and data products, within EarthCube projects and including resources from the larger Geo and CI communities. A Workbench Tiger Team was recently established by the Leadership Council to investigate and recommend the workbench fundamentals needed to address EarthCube’s needs, and this session is an opportunity to get broader community input. EarthCube interoperability objectives are crucial to ultimately integrating community resources to support science-driven needs and use cases. Interoperable integration includes capabilities to discover resources that are compatible with science use cases, generate and assess solution workflows, and provide re-usable and interoperable technology solutions to science problems. This session will attempt to address some of the evolving workbench concepts being considered. While a workbench will never be compatible with all resources, we solicit input from the community on suggestions of favorite tools and resources for which support should be considered.
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