Enhancing Spatial Resolution of Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Deep Learning

TitleEnhancing Spatial Resolution of Remotely Sensed Imagery Using Deep Learning
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBeck, JM
Secondary AuthorsCollins, CB
Tertiary AuthorsBridges, SM, Graves, S
ConferenceAGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA
KeywordsDeep Learning, Spatial Resolution
AbstractResearchers at the Information Technology and Systems Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville are using Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to develop a method for enhancing the spatial resolutions of moderate resolution (10-60m) multispectral satellite imagery. This enhancement will effectively match the resolutions of imagery from multiple sensors to provide increased global temporal-spatial coverage for a variety of Earth science products. Our research is centered on using Deep Learning for automatically generating transformations for increasing the spatial resolution of remotely sensed images with different spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions. One of the most important steps in using images from multiple sensors is to transform the different image layers into the same spatial resolution, preferably the highest spatial resolution, without compromising the spectral information. Recent advances in Deep Learning have shown that CNNs can be used to effectively and efficiently upscale or enhance the spatial resolution of multispectral images with the use of an auxiliary data source such as a high spatial resolution panchromatic image. In contrast, we are using both the spatial and spectral details inherent in low spatial resolution multispectral images for image enhancement without the use of a panchromatic image. This presentation will discuss how this technology will benefit many Earth Science applications that use remotely sensed images with moderate spatial resolutions.