Science on Drupal, Applications for Science Data Systems

TitleScience on Drupal, Applications for Science Data Systems
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsKeiser, K, Kulkarni, A, Caron, B
ConferenceESIP 2015 Winter Meeting
Conference LocationWashington DC
KeywordsDrupal, Earth science data ordering, Science on Drupal, SOD
AbstractThe NASA Science on Drupal Central (NSODC) ACCESS Project is working to build Drupal capabilities across NASA earth science. The project is developing key new open-access modules for earth data- and metadata-rich websites. The NSODC is also bringing together all of NASA earth science Drupal web developers into a community of purpose. One of the recent NSODC efforts has been the Drupal implementation of a complete Earth science data management system supporting data search and discovery, definition of data orders and processing, and the tracking and management of orders and user specifications. We will demonstrate the prototype system and discuss the potential advantages and issues realized during this project.