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Harmonizing Access to Federal Data: Lessons Learned Through the Climate Data Initiative (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Art-inspired Presentation of Earth Science Research (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) AMSR2 Data System (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Virtual Collections: An Earth Science Data Curation Service (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Making connections: Where STEM learning and Earth science data services meet (AGU Fall Meeting 2016)
Atmospheric Electricity
Water Makes the World (ESIP Summer Meeting 2016)
Lightning Capital of the World - animated poster (ESIP Summer Meeting 2016)
The EarthCube Integration and Test Environment (ECITE) (2016 NSF EarthCube All Hands Meeting - July 6-8 in Denver, CO)
An Analysis of the Climate Data Initiative's Data Collection (AGU Winter 2015)
Capturing Data Connections within the Climate Data Initiative to Support Resiliency (AGU Winter 2015)
Geocuration Lessons Learned from the Climate Data Initiative Project (AGU Winter 2015)
HS3 Information System (AGU Winter 2015)
Providing Event-Driven Real-Time Data (ESIP Summer 2015)
Flexible Curriculum Development: Earth Science Case Studies using CDI’s Data Organization and Keyword Tagging for Simultaneous Audiences (ESIP Summer 2015)
CHORDS: A Deployed Standards-Based Architecture Enabling Re-use of Real-Time Data (EarthCube 2015)
Data System for HS3 Field Campaign (AGU 2014)
Event-Driven Cyberinfrastructure Technologies  Supporting the Disaster Life Cycle (AGU 2014)
Data-Intensive Science meets Inquiry-Driven Pedagogy: Interactive Big Data Exploration, Threshold Concepts, and Liminality (AGU 2014)