Todd Berendes


Todd Berendes is a scientist and software developer, specializing in data fusion and visualization. He is currently responsible for operation, maintenance, and development of the Global Precipitation Measurement mission (GPM) Validation Network (VN) software for inter-comparison of ground-based radar data with satellite data. He helped develop the Globally Leveraged Integrated Data Explorer for Research (GLIDER), Java-based satellite image analysis, data mining and display software. Currently, he is working on the Visualization for Integrated Satellite, Airborne, and Ground-based data Exploration (VISAGE) project, developing cloud-based (AWS) 3-D visualization and analysis software.

Research Interests

Satellite remote sensing visualization & analysis
Satellite data product application and development
Satellite data ground validation (MODIS, ASTER, GPM)
Data mining & deep learning (text & image, signals)
Image processing & pattern recognition
High performance scientific software development
Cloud technologies for 3-D visualization and analysis


GLIDER provides visualization and analysis of satellite data

GLIDER is a FREE tool to easily visualize, analyze and mine satellite imagery. GLIDER allows users to visualize and analyze satellite data in its native sensor view.

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