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GLIDER provides interactive image data exploration and unsupervised classification capabilities. Three existing tools--ADaM, World Wind and IVICS--are being incorporated as plug-ins within the Eclipse RCP. GLIDER currently allows capabilities for metadata viewing, histogram plots for a selected area within an image, generation of spectral profile plots for any transect and the ability to view scatter plots between different spectral bands for user-selected regions within the image. Users can also apply a suite of image processing and clustering algorithms on the satellite data being visualized within GLIDER.

System Requirements

All platforms:

  • Minimum Java 6 (JVM 1.6) 32 bit on Windows and Linux
  • 3d graphics card

OS specific requirements:

  • Macosx
    Requires Java 6 (64 bit) be installed on system, JVM 1.6 must be set to default using system Java preferences utility (run Applications->utilities->java preferences and move Java SE 6 to top of preference list for applications)
  • Linux

Download GLIDER

GLIDER software
Version Date Links Status
Windows (win32) v4.5.1-beta Nov. 7 2012 Download beta
Linux32 v4.5.1-beta Nov. 7 2012 Download beta
Windows (win32) v4.1-beta 20-Jan 2011 Download beta
Windows (win32) v4-beta 06-Jun 2010 Download beta
Linux v3-beta 22-Mar 2010 Download (zip) beta
Linux v3-beta 22-Dec 2010 Download (tar) beta
Mac OsX v4-beta** 22-Dec 2010 Download beta

Please help us find and fix any bugs and improve the product. Report any bugs or problems here!
NOTE: Workflow composer on the Mac v4b has not been fully tested as yet!

NOTE: If you are on a windows platform and are having problems with Earth View, please check this link regarding updating your graphic card drivers

Earth View Display on Windows - Graphic Driver Issues

GLIDER v3.0-beta New Features


  • Band Math capability
    • Allows users to specify any mathematical equation and bind different spectral bands to the variables in the equation
    • Can be used to create different indices such as NDVI
  • WMS Layer to Earth View
    • Provides a list of existing WMS available
    • Allows user to specify a new WMS layer that is displayed on the Earth View
  • Reorganized Menu
    • Operations are now categorized and properly organized in the menu
  • New Algorithms
    • Image Enhancement
      • Histogram Equalization                
        • Feature:
          •  Moments                       
          • GLCM                         
          • GLRL                         
        • Filtering
          • Gabor                         
        • Segmentation
          • Threshold                    
          • Kapur                          
          • Otsu                          
          • Two Modal                      
          • Mark Region                    
          • Quantize                              
          • Band Math Evaluator                   
      • Pattern Recognition
        • Unsupervised Classification
          • DBSCAN                         
        • Rule based
          • Association Rules             
        • Utilities
          • Normalizer Train   
          • Normalizer Apply 
          • Sample                       
          • Accuracy             
          • Remove Attributes             
          • Principal Components Train   
          • Principal Components Apply    
      • Utilities
        • Convert Gif to Image        
        • Convert Image to Gif                 
  • Coming Soon - GLIDER documentation!!

GLIDER v2.1-beta Features and Bug Fixes

Bug fixes

  • Memory issues while adding multiple large images to the Earth View


  • Image view process tracker
    • Updated to keep track of all algorithms executed through GLIDER
    • Processes running the algorithms can be moved to background and popped back when required
  • Earth View
    • Move layers to front or back by reordering them via the in-screen layermanager list
    • Added world political boundaries layer


GLIDER v2.0-beta Features and Bug Fixes

  • Improved Internal data model is now based on netCDF (note: version 1b files are no longer compatible and must be recreated)
  • Improved file I/O performance and improved GSF file conversion speed
  • MODIS calibration is now done directly in Java using Java netCDF
  • MODIS calibration is now much faster (about 1-2 minutes)
  • Users can start running the (Image processing and Clustering) algorithms, push it into a background execution mode and continue interacting with the application
  • Status of such background processes can be tracked with in a separate view accessible thru the menu "Window -> Process Menu Tracker" in the Image View

    Minor bug fixes / enhancements:
  • Channels can be selected on the R G B or Grayscale tabs in the layer editor just by clicking on the channel in the list, instead of clicking on an additional button as before
  • Histograms and Scatter plots will show actual channel labels instead of just RGB
  • For grayscale images, scatter plot will show only one plot instead of 3 identical plots


GLIDER v1.0-beta Feature List

  • Satellite image calibration
    • MODIS
      • Reflectance
      • Brightness temperature
      • Radiance
    • IVICS GSF conversion to GLIDER
      • Any images calibrated using IVICS can be imported in GLIDER
    • More to come
  • Image display
    • Grey scale
    • Three channel  color composite
    • Image enhancements
      • Linear contrast stretch
      • Grey scale inversion (flip)
      • Histogram equalization
    • Pan and scroll
    • Earth view
      • 3-D globe display using World Wind
      • Zoom, pan, and rotate in 3D
      • Display multiple images as layers
      • Selectable layer visibility
      • Overlay vector and model data in 3D (in progress)
  • Image analysis tools
    • Histograms
      • Three currently displayed channels
      • User selectable region, visible image, entire image
    • Scatter plots
      • Two of currently displayed channels
      • User selectable region, visible image, entire image
    • Profiles
      • Spectral profile
        • Plot of multiple channels at single pixel location
        • Multiple points can be profiled on same plot
      • Linear transect
        • Three currently displayed channels
        • Plot of pixels along user selected line
  • Image processing algorithms
    • Median filter
    • Mode filter
    • Energy
    • Pulse coupled neural network
    • Boundary
    • Dilation
    • Erosion
    • Spatial filter
    • Resample
    • More to come
  • Clustering/Unsupervised classification algorithms
    • Isodata
    • Maximin
    • Hierarchical
    • Kmeans
    • Kmediods
    • More to come