F-MASS (Framework for Mining and Analysis of Space Science data)

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The ITSC's Framework for Mining and Analysis of Space Science data (F-MASS) is an innovative and unique tool for space scientists to use for event identification and relationship analysis.

Some scenarios for this tool include Sun-Earth Connection Science research problems such as the identification of polar cap boundary, the determination of polar cap size, the recognition of types of auroral activity, and the identification of magnetospheric substorms.

ADaM's machine learning and modeling algorithms, such as rule induction (e.g., oblique decision tree classifier), neural networks (e.g., recursively splitting neural network), and classification and clustering (e.g., minimum distance pattern classification and K-Means clustering) were used as part of F-MASS along with additional modules and algorithms.

F-MASS case study: Polar Cap Boundary Detection and Quantification
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