Field Campaign eXplorer (FCX)

Field Campaign eXplorer (FCX) is a cloud native web based 3D data visualization platform that can incorporate science data collected from instruments onboard aircraft, ground sensors, and satellites. The instrument data are displayed within an interactive map viewer along flight tracks. This advanced tool reduces the effort involved in discovering data, is designed for event-based research, allows for seamless movement between data visualization, discovery and acquisition, and enhances the user experience by improving the usability of heterogeneous data.

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FCX showing a flight from GOES-R PLT Field Campaign

A key component of NASA’s Earth Observing System is its field experiments, for intensive observation of particular phenomena such as hurricanes, or for ground validation of satellite observations. These field experiments collect many datasets from a wide variety of satellite, airborne, and ground-based instruments, on different spatial and temporal scales, often in unique formats.

Such diverse environmental observations are important for physical process studies, disaster assessment and response, as well as for the validation of environmental satellite observations and atmospheric models which can improve forecasts. However, the challenges inherent in working with such diverse datasets mean they are underused despite their value.

The Field Campaign eXplorer (FCX) addresses challenges inherent with utilizing these datasets to improve data management and discoverability to enable scientists to rapidly collect, visualize, and analyze these data.

FCX showing a flight from GOES-R PLT Field Campaign
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