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Instant Karma: Provenance at the AMSR-E SIPS poster

Instant Karma is a collaboration among AMSR-E SIPS, the provenance researchers at Indiana University's Data to Insight Center, and the AMSR-E Sea Ice science team. The goals of the project are to improve the collection, preservation, utility, and dissemination of provenance information within the NASA Earth Science community by using the Karma provenance tool. The project will pursue an initial focus on Sea Ice processing.

Instant Karma hopes to aid with the preservation and archive of scientific data by focusing on tools such as metadata and provenance from the creation of this data rather than delaying these aspects of curation. Instant Karma seeks to collect and organize related information from multiple sources such as processing system configuration, data set and file level metadata, processing history information, and others.

The provenance tool currently supplies browsing of graphs and information about workflows and final data products; the Karma Service Query API will extract these provenance graphs from the Karma provenance repository.

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