ECITE and Beyond

TitleECITE and Beyond
Publication TypePoster
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGraves, S
Secondary AuthorsKeiser, K, Law, E, Yang, C, Djorgovski, G, Mahabal, A
ConferenceNSF EarthCube All Hands Meeting
Date Published06/2017
Conference LocationSeattle, WA
KeywordsEarthCube, ECITE, Workbench
AbstractThe EarthCube Integration and Test Environment (ECITE) prototype was proposed as a 2015 Integrated Activities project and resulted in the prototyping of an EarthCube federated cloud environment and the Integration and Testing Framework. The ECITE team has worked with EarthCube science and technology governance committees to define the types of integration, testing and evaluation necessary to achieve and demonstrate interoperability and functionality that benefit and support the objectives of the EarthCube cyber-infrastructure. The scope of ECITE also includes reaching beyond NSF and EarthCube to work with the broader Earth science community, such as the Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) to incorporate lessons learned from other testbed activities, and ultimately provide broader community benefits. This poster illustrates evolving ECITE ideas for the workflow that will start with documented science use cases (1), mapping the use cases to solution scenarios (3) that identify the available technology and data resources that match the use case, the generation of solution workflows (5) and test plans, the testing and evaluation of the solutions (7), and finally the documenting of identified technology and data gaps (11) that will assist with driving the development of EarthCube resources.