Joseph Richardson

Patterns in Snowfall: Finding the Unexpected in Nature (ESIP Summer Meeting 2018 - Research as Art)

A time lapse video of snowfall and melting from the Olympic Mountain Experiment (OLYMPEX) field campaign accompanies this poster. You can find it on YouTube at

ITSC Contributes to AMS Town Hall on Airborne Data

Deborah Smith, GHRC DAAC Scientist, attended the American Meteorological Society Hurricane and Tropical Meteorology Conference held in Ponte Vedre, Florida from April 16 - 20, 2018. This conference included sessions on the latest hurricane research and findings. On Thursday evening, April 19th, a town hall was held on use of and access to airborne data by the hurricane research community that drew a crowd of more than 50 people. The panel contained data center representatives and data users, who each gave a brief presentation.

ITSC Represented at NASA Science Investigator-Led Processing Systems Workshop

Helen Conover attended the NASA Science Investigator-led Processing Systems Workshop, held May 2-3 at NASA GSFC. She presented current status and plans for near-real time and standard processing of data from the AMSR and LIS instruments, managed jointly by UAH ITSC and NASA MSFC. Other important topics included current guidelines on data formats and standards, and NASA Earth Science cloud activities.


Security Tag Computation and Propagation in OSFA

Jungwirth P. Security Tag Computation and Propagation in OSFA. In: Chan P, Imsand E, Badawy H SPIE Defense + Security Conference. SPIE Defense + Security Conference. Orlando, FL: SPIE Defense + Security Conference; 2018.


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