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The EnVironmEnt for On-Board Processing (EVE) is an innovative processing framework for assisting science users in the exploration of the unique constraints and characteristics of on-board computing environments.

The ITSC is developing EVE as a proof-of-concept system for remote sensing platforms. Because data will be processed as it is collected, such a system can produce custom data in real-time.

The EVE editor allows science users to build processing plans, which are compatible with the constraints of on-board computing environments.

The EVE on-board, real-time processing infrastructure will upload, schedule, and control the execution of these plans. Operations within the plans provide capabilities focused on the areas of autonomous data mining, classification, and feature extraction. These will contribute to the generation of customized data products for direct distribution to users.

A ground-based testbed has been created to provide testing of EVE and associated scientific applications in a heterogeneous embedded hardware and software environment.

The EVE framework generates executable codes for a variety of on-board platforms and sensors
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