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Data mining technology such as ADaM is critical to a modeling environment for atmospheric discovery. Otherwise, it is insurmountable to extract useful information from the 100+ predictions conducted for each storm, a process repeated over and over again for dozens of hurricane cases.

MEAD (Modeling Environment for Atmospheric Discovery) is developing the infrastructure, data mining, and visualization capabilities, and educational framework for utilizing the TeraGrid to solve leading edge scientific problems on the atmospheric mesoscale. This infrastructure will be made available to the atmospheric and related disciplines.

MEAD targets the large WRF and ARPS research community and related educational activities. The framework can also be adapted for use in the regional ocean science community. Disciplines involved are Atmospheric, Ocean and Computer Sciences.

The expedition infrastructure is available to the large research community using ARPS and WRF. In addition, it can be adapted for use by ocean modeling community, the atmospheric forecasting community, and others in the geosciences wishing to carry out ensemble or parameter studies with the Grid.

MEAD is intended to augment LEAD (Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discovery).

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