M&S in Systems Engineering

UAH is working with NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) to improve MSFC systems engineering processes through enhanced use of modeling and simulation.

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MSFC Engineering process diagram

The project has four main tasks:

(1) Understand how modeling and simulation is used in systems engineering in general, and in particular, at MSFC. We are interviewing key systems engineering practitioners and managers at MSFC, examining NASA systems engineering standards, and reviewing previous NASA studies of M&S tools. The task is structured by mapping modeling and simulation tools used at MSFC to the phases of the systems engineering life cycle. The outcome of this task will be a set of recommended research efforts that will enhance the use of M&S in systems engineering at MSFC.

(2) Execute 2-3 of the research efforts recommended during task (1). These could be prototype development of new modeling and simulation tools, better integration of existing tools across systems engineering phases, or trial applications of new modeling and simulation techniques to specific systems engineering activities.

(3) Develop modeling and simulation training and education programs at UAH relevant to MSFC. Our primary activity here is to develop modeling and simulation graduate degree programs at UAH, along the lines of similar programs offered at ODU and UCF.

(4) Collaborate with other modeling and simulation research centers to identify and encourage their research relevant to MSFC's modeling and simulation needs.

The systems engineering diagram is from: A. Kossiakoff and W. N. Sweet, System Engineering, Principles and Practice, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken NJ, 2003. (Fig 3-2, p. 56)

MSFC Engineering process diagram
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